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Rehearsals and Performances

Rehearsals of the ShabbaTones Choir have now resumed!. Rehearsals are held Wednesday 7PM at the UF Music Department.  Dress rehearsals and occasional extra rehearsals are scheduled for the week prior to a performance at the conductor’s discretion. 

Performances are scheduled at different venues in and around Gainesville,FL and north central florida.. There are concert dress requirements that vary by performance and venue. 

There are annual dues, but it is our policy not to exclude anyone who is otherwise qualified to join because of membership costs. Music is loaned to the members, though some may be purchased when desired. 



Basic Choral Music Skill Class

Basic Choral Music Skill Class is  on hold.


Auditions for membership in the ShabbaTones Chorus Choir are held each year.  The first auditions for 2023 are now welcome. Please contact us at for an audition. At other times during the year, special requests for auditions may be made to the music director.  

Each audition lasts about 10 minutes. Come prepared to sing a piece of music you know and with which you are comfortable. Please bring two copies of the music, one for you and one for the accompanist. The piece can be as simple as a hymn or a folk song or as accomplished as an aria. You will also be requested to perform some basic sight singing and possibly some scales. Our conductor needs to have an opportunity to hear your voice quality and assess your musical ability. These skills must be adequate for you to keep up with the group at rehearsals because our rehearsal schedule for any concert is generally quite short and very concentrated.

If you would like to sing with us and audition please send us an email at

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