“Choral Songs to Enlighten Hanukkah” Concert
Full House Great fun by all


Dedicated to using our voice in the presentation,
preservation, and perpetuation of Jewish choral music
Shabbatones Concert November 2021

The ShabbaTones Choral Performance
w/ Maestro Will Kesling

Again our last concert is sold out due to an overwhelming response. It was a full house again. 

Thank you for your support!

The upcoming “Choral Songs to Enlighten Hanukkah” is very exciting. See the ticket page for more information.

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The ShabbaTones Chorus Virtual Chanukah Choir Was A Great Success!

The ShabbaTones made music even during this time of COVID-19. We did it virtually and extended our joy all around the world. Over 9,000 people viewed our performance.

We sang 3 holiday songs: MaozTsur, Chanukah Candle Blessings, and Al HaNissim. 

It would be much appreciated if you could support the ShabbaTones efforts by making a donation at https://shabbatones.org/support-us/. Thank you so much for helping to make community choral Jewish music possible even during a pandemic.

We Are A Regional Chorus Focusing On
Liturgical and Secular Jewish Choral Music. There Are Many Reasons To Join Us:

Enhance Your Musical Skills

Touch People’s Hearts

Preserve Jewish Musical Culture

Learn the wide spectrum of Jewish Music

Present Great Jewish Choral Works

It’s Great Fun

The following video is one example of the kind of choral works ShabbaTones will perform in the future. We will study a wide spectrum of Jewish styles, eras, voicings, nationalities, languages, and levels. The richness of ethnic diversity within Jewish culture is reflected in its songs. The combined choirs of the Salt Lake Choral Artists perform Five Hebrew Love Songs by Eric Whitacre live in concert on February 19, 2011 in Libby Gardner concert hall, under the direction of Dr. Brady Allred.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQeoarRrlcA

What is the rehearsal schedule?

Rehearsals of the ShabbaTones are Wednesday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. Dress rehearsals and occasional extra rehearsals are scheduled for the week prior to a performance at the conductor’s discretion.

When are auditions held?

Auditions for membership in the ShabbaTones are held each year. If you are interested in singing with us Contact us at shabbatonesfl@gmail.com

When is the next public concert?

Stay tuned for our next concert in Celebration of Israel’s 75th Birthday. It will be great

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When is the next public concert?

Choral Songs to Enlighten Hanukkah
Join us for an enchanting community-wide Hanukkah celebration on Dec 13th at Congregation Bnai Israel, Gainesville, Fl.

We’ll kick off the evening with candle blessings performed by two young talents, accompanied by our harmonizing choir. The musical journey will begin with GF Handel’s moving chorus from Judas Maccabaeus, focusing on the theme of heroism. Following this, you’ll be treated to four pieces centered around the theme of candles, including the classic “Who can retell” as a madrigal and both Ashkenazi and Sephardic renditions of the same poetry. The evening will continue with Dreyl songs presented in jazz, traditional, and Yiddish styles. We’ll also explore various arrangements of the timeless “Rock of Ages” and “Maoz Tsur,” both in modern Ashkenazi and an 18th-century Italian version, leading us to the grand finale of the program.
In addition to celebrating Hanukkah, we want to come together as a community and stand united against hate and violence. The ShabbaTones Chorus is here to echo that message through their Hanukkah-themed arrangements, which emphasize our solidarity.

Tickets available now for a limited time at shabbatones.org/tickets/

Our mailing address is:
Shabbatones Chorus Inc
2436 NW 37th Ter
Gainesville, FL 32605-2638